We believe everybody has the right to be happy (*).

We believe every individual has a mission, a role to play, wherever he/she lives, whatever her/his job. This is what will make the World a better place.

We believe in viral entrepreneurship through sharing Knowledge, Experience and Insights – KEI (**). That is the core of viral entrepreneurship. We share because others shared.

We believe in human goodness (***) through social entrepreneurship in serving our community. We are absolutely convinced that with every entrepreneur, every investment, every growing startup and with any “disruptive business model or technology” we can prove that a balance is possible between monetary return and social return. We are on a crusade to prove goodness is what makes the world tick, not greed!

We believe in the right to have both a first and a second chance through entrepreneurship. 

As Nelson Mandela said, “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

first chance comes down to the absolute right to earn a decent living in life and, when you have made mistakes in life, the right to get a second chance.

You have to earn this second chance by proving you “walk your talk”, that you have made a conscious choice to walk the right path.

We believe in learning entrepreneurship. Failures are never failures if we can learn from them by both acknowledging past errors and sharing subsequently what we have learned with others.

Challenges and failures are then turned into pure profit for everyone to one way or the other being made a birthplace of future successes.

We believe in “Inclusive entrepreneurship” in the light of Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, independent of:

  • Race
  • Skin color
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Political or other opinion
  • National or social origin
  • Property
  • Birth or other status

Sound, integrity-based inclusive human relationships are a bedrock of any success.

We believe in entrepreneurship through buying and selling results. We believe that above a decent income, only results justify higher compensation. The same principle applies to the financing of start-ups and other more mature companies: initial and follow-up financing based on achieving meaningful milestones agreed upon in advance. This applies to our teams too.

We believe in fair entrepreneurship through intention management. Everything starts with the right and righteous intention. Truth and trust are key in this. Hidden agendas are the antithesis of this.

We believe in transparent entrepreneurship – be it for a start-up or a more mature company – being key to and for all stakeholders of a company: founders, partners, investors, the community where the company is embedded, the world community, etc. … This starts with us as a Foundation and with every team member.


(*) Pope Francis in encyclical letter “Fratelli Tutti” Chapter 6 – par 22

(**) A “KEI” in Flemish is a boulder. Song by Bram Vermeulen: “I moved a stone”.

I moved a stone,

in a river on earth.

The water streams there differently than before.


The flow of a river doesn’t stop you.

The water always finds a way around it.

Maybe once filled, by snow and rain,

the river takes my pebble with it.

Around it, then smooth, and worn around,

to rest in the lee of the sea.


I moved a stone,

in a river on earth.

Now I know I will never be forgotten.

I provided proof of my existence.


Because, by shifting that one stone,

the current will never go the same way again.


I moved a stone,

in a river on earth.

Now I know I will never be forgotten.


I provided proof of my existence.

Because, by shifting that one stone,

the current will never go the same way again.


(***) An Haekens in Tertio dd. 12/11/2020:


We believe in  human goodness.

Purpose and meaning take shape, not in the grand systems or noisy declarations, but in the silent everyday human goodness that cannot be killed by any system.

We see this goodness at work in “ordinary” people who allow themselves to be touched by the vulnerability of the other.

They work selflessly, not for applause, not because they have to, but out of a “ desire-beyond-need “.  Perhaps that is the only way we can save the world and ourselves.

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