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Carrefour jeunesse

Carrefour jeunesse, an NGO located in Comé, Benin, was created in 2011 and received state approval in 2013. With its active center, the institution has changed its paradigm and has become a youth assistance service with a focus on education and welfare of the most disadvantaged (orphans, school dropouts, girl mothers, street children,…) by offering them the right to a second chance.

For us, the education of children and young people through play and vocational training is the first priority. It does not only consist in acquiring knowledge but also in encouraging and developing curiosity, creativity, skill development and self-fulfillment in each child and young person by cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit. The development of the youth through socio-educational assistance is at the same time physical, psychological, emotional and especially social insofar as we advocate the socio-professional integration of young people.

Thus, through our activities we promote the teaching of non-violence, citizenship through the maintenance of the environment and the internalization of citizen gestures. We do school support actions, informal education, socio-cultural activities to pass on messages of community impact.

Carrefour Jeunesse reaches more than 20,000 young people and children through work that follows four main axes (missions):

1. Preventive assistance, both social and educational, across all its projects (listening and valuing, guidance, information, implementation of mediation tools between young people and their families, collective actions);

2. Educational and training workshops;

3. Education and animation for citizenship and intercultural exchanges;

4. Strengthening youth initiatives.

The general vision of Carrefour Jeunesse is to substantially reduce inequalities of opportunity and to increase the emancipation capacity of young people. Its objective is to contribute to the emergence of each young person’s potential, with priority given to those in difficulty, through personalized services, quality professional artistic training and intercultural exchanges. In terms of internal management, the values of the institution are embodied in a work based on trust, autonomy and loyalty.

From the perspective of education, citizenship animation and intercultural exchange, the NGO makes young people aware of their role as citizens and the influence of their actions on their environment. Specific training courses are organized for the benefit of young people and aimed at their personal development.

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