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 May 16

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Centre Chrétien d’Action pour Dirigeants et Cadres d’Entreprise au Congo.

Created in 1956 by the Society of Jesus, the Centre Chrétien d’Action pour Dirigeants et Cadres d’Entreprise au Congo, CADICEC, was recognised as an NGO-ASBL by ordinance-law n°80/130 of 30 April 1980 (Journal Officiel of 1 January 1981, p.63). Since 1973, CADICEC has been affiliated to the International Christian Union of Business Leaders, UNIAPAC. CADICEC has many objectives.

The first objective is to awaken, in the economic and industrial environment, a Christian ethical conscience and a sense of social responsibility in business, based on the social teaching of the Church.

The second is to provide opportunities for business leaders to meet and reflect; in other words, to be a “Think Tank” to promote rational discussion of actions and strategies for a just and sustainable development for all.

The third is to develop any initiative that can contribute to the qualitative transformation of the company.

The fourth is to train managers and business leaders in their responsibilities and inform them about the various data for better economic performance.

The fifth objective is to train, supervise and promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


To achieve these objectives, CADICEC provides the following services:

• Training based on diversified modules adapted to the needs of the applicants (e.g.: payroll and calculation of salary allowances, business creation and management, human resources management, accounting, leadership, the function of executive secretary and new communication and information technologies, elaboration and implementation of a business project, procurement, fiscal and social legislation, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, etc.);

• Organisation of colloquia/seminars/workshops on various business issues;

• Selection tests of candidates for employment on behalf of companies in the country.

Over the past nine years, 14,124 candidates have been tested.

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