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The H-web is composed of KEI-cells and stemcells that are interconnected. The KEI-cells are entities, representing Knowledge, Experience and Insights. The members of the KEI-cells are individuals or organizations, private and public, willing to share their expertise with the members of their own KEI-cell and with the stemcells. The stemcells on their turn translate and adapt the experience of the KEI-cells, making sure the target group of the local inhabitants of the areas  where the H-web is active benefit from it.

The inhabitants of each region where The H-web is active, are coached by local stemcells. The members of these stemcells implement the content of the KEI Cells into the local community, tailoring the content to the needs of the 

population and the target groups in their own area. 

Stemcells act and decide autonomously and use the expertise of the KEI-cells to the extend it is needed in their own region, for the target group that they aim to reach. They can constantly ask for the support of the KEI-cells and interact with the KEI-cells, giving feedback and alerting them when specific expertise is needed for their region.

 In this way, KEI-cells deliver and share their expertise and take care of the professionalization of  the members of the stemcells. The stemcells make use of the expertise of the KEI-cells and bring them updates concerning submerging questions, problems that require specific expertise and/or developments of KEI that eventually need to be acquired.

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What others say about us

In The H-web, I immediately recognised the same drive to help the community move forward. After all, that is the idea of The H-Web. Exactly the stimulus that SouthAfrican entrepreneurs need!

Jim Mabhutti

Secundary school Teacher South-Africa

We joined The H-Web because we want to be part of the global network in order to bring entrepreneurship projects to our community and more precisely to our target group. We want to share our expertise on reducing inequalities of opportunity. 

Carrefour jeunesse

NGO located in Benin

The mission of The H-Web is 100% aligned with my internal compass and my mission in life: to help people realise dreams. So, you can imagine when they asked me to sign the charter and become involved I said: yes!

Hilde Helsen

Author - entrepreneur -Engineer - Coach

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